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Monday, February 25, 2008

Michael Moore renounces U.S. citizenship, will move to Cuba

By C.F. Twob
PFP staff writer

Controversial documentary maker Michael Moore will soon become a Cuban citizen.

Moore announced his plans announced his plans Sunday night at an Academy Awards after-party, stating that he has lost faith in America and wishes to relocate to a country that truly shares his ideals on socialism.

In an exclusive interview with Ponderings from Pluto, Moore told C.F. Twob that, effective April 2, he will no longer be an American citizen but will instead become a Cuban citizen. He also will legally change his name from Michael Francis Moore to Miguel Francisco Moreno De La Ciudad De Banderas.

The phrase at the end of his Spanish-ified name translates as “Of the city of flags”, a reference to Davison, Michigan, where Moore actually grew up. The documentarian was born 10 miles east in Flint in 1954.

“I thought I could work towards a positive change in America, but I was mistaken,” Moore explained. “Therefore, I have grown tired living in a repressive country that is slowly moving toward a two-party dictatorship. My time in Cuba filming portions of Sicko have really convinced me that Cuba is the ideal paradise to live and make films in.”

Moore’s latest documentary on U.S. healthcare, Sicko, failed to win the Academy Award. Moore previously won an Oscar for his documentary Bowling for Columbine, during which he gave a speech criticizing President George W. Bush, amid a noticeable spatter of boos.

Raul Castro, the brother of longtime Cuban president Fidel Castro, could not be reached by PFP for comment. However, the new Cuban president is said to be delighted about Moore’s decision and has reportedly promised to name Moore the director of the Ministry of Entertainment.

It is unclear whether Moore’s wife, Kathleen, and their child will be joining him in Cuba. Moore has been recently living in Bellaire, Mich. (about 40 miles northeast of Traverse City, Mich).

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